Trung has more than two-decade experience in different sectors within publishing, marketing, and especially digital marketing industry, from advertising to communications strategic consulting. Trung found “Golden A” in June 2016. Golden A has well-known as an expert and skillful performance and digital marketing agency in the market.

The company under his direction has provided a lot of professional advice, launched an online advertising campaign, helped to increase interaction between customers and companies, and advertised for many popular brands in Vietnam. Golden A has supported not only popular brands in Vietnam such as Yamaha, Parkson, Biblica Corp, etc. but also international brands want to join Vietnam’s market including Bigo Live, Jansen Cosmetics, and Paula’s Choice.

Trung defines the success is the satisfaction of his clients and the growing up of his team.

Trương Ngọc Trung
Trần Đăng Khoa

Khoa had 10 years of working to set up application program system, mobile game, website. He worked as a leader, trainer, manager Digital Marketing about 5 years.

Before joinning Golden A Communication, he was Co-founder & CTO of

He is known as an expert in the field of Digital Marketing and more than capable to manage and implement marketing campaign from FMCG to E-Commerce, Real Estate,…

Linh is an innovator at heart, passionate about technology and creativity. Linh got his Master Degree in Branding and Advertising in the UK and with the in-depth market insight.

Being the Strategic & Planning Advisor , Linh also shows his passion for customer services and be strong with project management.

His depth market knowledge in marketing and communication guide him to the performance concept of the marketing campaign.

With the wide relationship with suppliers, Linh could maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of the campaigns that he leads.

Trần Bá Duy Linh
Nguyễn Phước Huyền Trân

Trân profile is the long story that she would love to share.

Tran's background did not fully match with marketing industry. However, with her passion and proactive Tran continuous, fulfilled her experience by working along with learning.

Tran starts her career path at Eleven Communication a specialize digital marketing agency with Account Executive title. Tran client portfolio has full with several leading brands such as Mobifone, Vietin Bank, Kichi Kichi (Golden Gate group). After nearly five years pay off, Tran moved up to the Account manager at Brand2asia one of the leading digital agency which hold the account of Danapha, Vietcomereal, and Metropole.

Being the Head Account of Golden A, Tran always shows her flexible working style to convince the clients. Tran's dedication to her campaign is always being respected by not only her staff but also her clients.

Graduated with them Bachelor degree in Communication, Hang has six years deep down in digital marketing major. With the expertise in digital marketing, Hang could maximize the efficient every campaign that she joins.

The year of 2016 experienced the step that Hang came out of her comfort zone to take course Poly Art, with the practical knowledge about art and design Hang directs her career path to become the expert in the Creative industry.

Being the Head of Creative of Golden A, Hang holds the view that the good creative content is the key dimensions of the success of any campaign.

Van Hang
Nhật Linh

With a love & passion in Digital Marketing, i have a sweet time in Strategy Planner for 6 years.

Experiences in planning, concept & idea, media online, social network, campaign execution. Linh client portfolio has full with several leading brands such as 7up, Mountain Dew, Nesvita, Nescafe, Lavie, The Macallan, Choco Boom, Hảo Hảo, Aba, Gas Bình Minh, DKSH, Lro’Cre, Bibica…